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Czech-Norwegian workshop on water resources policy and management (Prague, 22-24 October, 2014)  
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University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic

October 22-24, 2014

The Czech-Norwegian workshop on water resources policy and  management will take place on the premises of the University of  Economics, Prague (UEP). No registration fees will be applicable on  participants of this workshop. Besides the involvement of researchers of  the Institute for Sustainable Business of UEP with expertise on water  resources policy and management, other experts from local partner  organizations will join the workshop. Local partner organizations include  the Department of Water Management of the Ministry of Agriculture,  CENIA (Czech Environmental Information Agency) and Povodí Labe.  On the side of Norwegian partners, experts from Norwegian Water  Research Institute (NIVA) and from the Norwegian University of Life  Sciences (NMBU) will contribute and share their expertise in the  workshop. Policymakers, practitioners and other experts from the Czech  Republic and from abroad will also be invited to take part in the  workshop and share their expertise.
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