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H20 Plus
Czech-Norwegian workshop on water resources policy and management (Prague, 22-24 October, 2014)  
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Three main outcomes of the workshop:

1. Strengthening of the virtual platform that will be created under initiative 5 by providing the main conclusions of the workshop. It is expected that after the workshop the use of forum of discussions by partners involved will increase and other interested parties will join the platform. 2. Formulation of guidelines and a collaborative strategic plan for a more effective implementation of the EU WFD in the Czech Republic with the contribution of experts from Norway. These guidelines and the collaborative strategic plan for river basin management will be provided as a report and it will be freely available on the website that will be created under the initiative 5.
3. A formal agreement between experts from Norway and from the Czech Republic on further research cooperation in those key areas addressed during the workshop is expected to be set. Initial negotiations concerning the organization of a second workshop in 2015 are also foreseen. The second workshop that will be the subject of a future proposal will be focused in the collaborative approach of various stakeholders in river basin and watershed management.