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Czech-Norwegian workshop on water resources policy and management (Prague, 22-24 October, 2014)  
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Key Speakers

The international workshop H2OPlus is under the  coordination of Petr Šauer, Associate Professor and  Director of the Institute of Sustainable Business (ISB) at  the Faculty of International Relations of the University of  Economics (UEP), Prague, Czech Republic. Other  colleagues from ISB/UEP who will cooperate in the  workshop as local experts are: Petr Štěpánek, Antonín  Dvořák, Petr Fiala, and Aleš Lisa. Researchers from other  organizations in the Czech Republic and in Norway as well  as representatives of  local enterprises, local municipalities and NGOs will also be invited to the workshop. 
Institute for Sustainable Business, UEP Other Czech organizations Norwegian Institute of Water Research Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Overview of key speakers involved

Besides the involvement of researchers of ISB with expertise on water resources  policy and management, other experts from local partner organizations will join the  workshop. Local partner organizations include the Department of Water  Management of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Czech Environmental Information  Agency (CENIA) and Povodí Labe, a state enterprise responsible for the  management of major watercourses in the Czech Republic. On the side of Norwegian partners, experts from the Norwegian Institute of Water Research (NIWR) and from  the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NULS) will contribute with their  knowledge and expertise in the addressed topics of the workshop. Representatives of  local enterprises, local municipalities and NGOs will also be  invited to the workshop. It is important to enhance the awareness and engagement of  local municipalities served by Elba river basin, NGOs and local authorities in the  Czech Republic regarding the opportunities of improvement in the management of  local watercourses.

Norwegian partner institutions

NIWR is an environmental research organisation with extensive experience in  international research cooperation committed to research, monitoring, assessment  and studies on freshwater, coastal and marine environments in addition to  environmental technology. Their key areas of work include environmental  contaminants, biodiversity and climate related issues. In the context of the theme  addressed by this workshop NIWR develops scientific tools for the implementation of  the European Water Framework Directive through participation in Norwegian and  international research projects. They design and operate monitoring programmes and propose mitigation measures, as required by the directive and the corresponding  Norwegian water regulation. NIWR thus produces key elements of the scientific basis  for river-basin management plans for rivers, lakes and coastal areas. Three experts  from NIWR have been invited as key speakers for this workshop: Sindre Langaas,  Silje Nygaard Holen, Wenting Chen. All three experts invited from NIWR have a  valuable knowledge on key areas related to water resources policy and management  and the WFD that can provide a meaningful contribution to the outcomes of the  workshop. The contribution of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NULS) to  the workshop will be done by means of Harsha Ratnaweera, a professor in water  technology and head of Research in the department of Mathematical Sciences of  NULS.  
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